We encourage teams of entrepreneurs on the road to becoming „impact unicorns“, start-ups worth over one billion dollars and improving the lives of one billion people at the same time.

Increases social inclusion of enforcement debtors by providing financial consulting related to debt restructuring and bridge loans that cover net amount after write-off discounted amounts.

VIDI creates innovative systems for education in the STEM field. VIDI X is an easy-to-use microcomputer for building digital devices, with multiple application possibilities in all areas of life. To the education industry, VIDI X, with all accompanying educational content, offers an extremely useful tool for simple or systematic learning of STEM skills.

BITE ME is committed towards providing natural and healthy alternatives in sports nutrition. The company delivers uncompromising products of natural origin and unique flavours, inspired by Mediterranean recipes and traditional ingredients. According to the company’s belief, being natural is powerful, so their products are entirely organic, vegan, gluten-free and without processed sugars or other additives.

AGRIVI is a global leader providing digital agtech solutions on a mission to help farmers and key industry stakeholders to reach economically and environmentally sustainable food production. Their vision is to change the way food is produced globally impacting over a billion people.

On the mission to become the most powerful global human-centric AI development platform, enabling developers to build Autonomous Support Systems that proactively help people live healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives.

Juicefast is a company that produces juices and ready to go nutritional meals for performance, wellness and health. They are here to make health a little more convenient and a lot more delicious.

57hours is a leading global marketplace for outdoor adventures. The company is on the mission to enable sustainable and safe outdoor adventuring for people to live better lives by being connected to our beautiful planet. In addition, the company provides sustainable businesses for local guides in the most remote and consequently most attractive areas around the world.

Global marketplace for digital services where all companies have equal opportunities to compete, grow and do business together, regardless of national, gender, ethnic, socioeconomic and geopolitical differences.

GameBoost is a global gaming services marketplace that connects users looking for gaming services with users/freelancers selling gaming services in massively popular online competitive games, among them are services such as coaching, duo play and account shop.

Premier mobile development company, transforming the lives of individuals with disabilities and enriching cultural experiences through innovative technology.

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